Up for Debate

Up for Debate: Banners

Michigan will raise a Big Ten Championship banner this fall but the Fab Five’s four banners remain stuffed away in the Bentley Historical Library and are today’s hot topic. Mary Sue Coleman reiterated that she has no plans to bring the banners out of storage and Jalen Rose took to Twitter with his retaliation.

Mary Sue Coleman:

“What happened was not good, and I don’t think they’ll ever go back up. I don’t. Some day, I won’t be president anymore, and maybe someone else will have a different view. But I think you have to reflect on the larger meaning and that we want to hold ourselves to a higher standard.”

Jalen Rose:

I saw that U of Michigan has no plans to put back up our hoops banners. Should I do like most of its former BBallers & never return? or should I ask for the $250k I donated for my Endowed Scholarship back & move it to another school? Stay Tuned.

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