Spring Showdown: Darreon Reddick Scouting Video and Q&A

Darreon Reddick impressed scouts with his smooth combination of handles, athleticism and ability to get to the hole at the Nike Spring Showdown in Merrillville, Indiana. Michigan coaches John Beilein and Lavall Jordan both spent time watching his loaded Southwest Illinois Jets squad and Reddick visited Ann Arbor last summer for camp. Watch footage of Reddick in action or find a video interview and question & answer session after the jump.

Can you talk about your overall thoughts on your performance in your game today?
“I felt I played good. It was an easy game, so I didn’t have to play that hard. But I put a little bit of effort. My shot wasn’t falling in the first half a little bit, so my coach told me to take it to the hole a little bit, so I took it to the hole and got my shots in. I played decent overall.”

Can you describe your game? What do you think are your biggest strengths and biggest weaknesses?
“I feel my best strength is getting to the hole like a slasher, and get to the free-throw line. Also I’m a good passer and get my teammates involved. I’ve been working on my jump shot a little bit. I’ve got to get a little more consistent right now, so I’m working on that a little bit.”

You play point guard, and shooting guard. Do you prefer playing point guard, or off the ball?
“I like playing on the ball, bringing the ball up the court, and getting a ball screen so I can take it to the hole. But sometimes I let C.J. bring it up, and he’ll kick it, and I’ll drive and penetrate.”

What schools are recruiting you right now?
“I’ve got Ohio State, Tennessee, Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, Mizzou and Xavier.”

Have any schools offered you a scholarship?
“I have one, from DePaul.”

Are you leaning toward any schools right now?
“No, they’re all equal right now.”

What do you think about the Michigan program and what coaches from Michigan have you been talking to?
“I’ve been talking to LaVall. I haven’t talked to him recently, but I went to their basketball camp last year. It was pretty good. I like their environment and all my family is from Michigan, so I would love to go to that school. It’s a nice environment, nice, nice coaches and everything.”

How do you think you’d fit in John Beilein’s system?
I think I’d fit good. I haven’t really seen them play, but I heard about they’re up-tempo play, and I like to go up-tempo.”

Are you planning on visiting again soon?
“Yeah I think I’m going to the camp again, and we should have a visit for a football game sometime soon.”

What has the recruiting process been like for you?
It’s real good. I’m just taking it in. I like going on these trips and seeing what these schools are like. It’s real fun.”

Can you talk about your basketball plans for the spring and summer? Are you planning on visiting any camps, like Michigan’s [College Practice] Camp?
I think we’re going to the Michigan camp and probably the Butler and Xavier camp.

What’s the No. 1 thing you’re working on this spring in the AAU circuit.
“My ball handling skills. If I’m going to be a point guard, I need to get my left hand and right hand stronger, then get my jump shot more consistent, and my pull-up game way better than what it is right now.

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