Spring Classic: Chandler White, Hyron Edwards highlights & quotes

We profiled Michigan’s early interest in 2015 Indiana Elite prospects Hyron Edwards and Chandler White earlier this spring but had a chance to watch the duo first hand in Indianapolis. Edwards already holds offers from Purdue and Indiana while White mentioned that he plans to attend camp at Michigan this June. Here’s video footage of both prospects in action as well as quick interviews surrounding their recruitments.

Chandler White

After the jump find Chandler White’s early top five and summer plans as well as video footage of Hyron Edwards.
How would you describe your game for someone who hasn’t watched you before?

White: “I like to drive, I have good court vision, I like to pass a lot if I can. Drive and kick, and I can shoot if I’m wide open, or if you give me time, I’ll knock it down. That’s really about it.”

Who’s been recruiting you?

White: Michigan, Michigan State, IU, Purdue, Xavier, Butler and Illinois.

Do you have a top 5?

White: “In no order: Indiana, Purdue, Michigan, Michigan State and Xavier.”

What are you looking for in a program?

White: “Academics, who I’ll be playing with, whom I’ll be competing with for that spot, and that’s really about it.”

What coaches from Michigan have been talking to you?

White: “Jeff Meyer.”

What has he been telling you?

White: “Just keep playing, keep working hard, stay in the gym as much as possible, and stay on my grades.”

Will you be at Michigan’s camp?

White: “Yeah, I think I’m going.”

What do you like about Michigan?

White: “I like their facilities, their coaching staff I really like, and their alumni.”

Any plans to visit anywhere?

White: “Purdue and IU want me to come visit the campus. May 13th, I think I’m going to go to Illinois to visit, and May 14th we’re out of school so I’m going to go to Purdue.”

Hyron Edwards

Edwards is the slightly more highly regarded of the duo, already holding offers from Indiana and Purdue.

Describe your game.

Edwards: “I go hard to the basket, I’m a great passer and I’m a kind-of good shooter, so I just play hard on both ends of the court.”

Who’s been recruiting you so far?

Edwards: “IU and Purdue are the main ones, but Michigan and Northwestern, and Xavier.”

Do you have a list?

Edwards: “I like IU and Purdue, and Michigan, too.”

What are you looking for in a school?

Edwards: “Just a great coach and some great players to help me develop my game to get to the NBA, to a higher level.”

Which coaches from Michigan have been recruiting you?

Edwards: “Coach Jordan – he came to the game.”

What do you like about Michigan?

Edwards: I like the conference.

Any plans to visit any schools?

Edwards: “I’m visiting Purdue next Wednesday.” (Ed: Yesterday)

Thanks to our friends at Inside the Hall for helping out with some video footage.

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