2015 Q&A: Luke Kennard on Michigan Team Camp, recent visits

slideshow_1002305065_010412_boro27[1]Luke Kennard, a 2015 wing prospect from Franklin, Ohio, has been attracting all sorts of high major attention this summer. He was just recently offered by Ohio State and took a recent visit to Indiana the other day. We caught up with him to talk about that, coming to Michigan’s team camp next weekend, and more.

How has the AAU season gone for you so far?

It’s been great, actually. I’ve played very well with my team and I feel like I’ve gotten some exposure through the showcases that we went to. All the colleges and recruiting, and all that, I think it’s gone pretty well for me so far.

What are some strengths of your game? What are you working on improving?

I would say that I can create shots when I need to, I can shoot the ball pretty well, I can drive with both hands, I can get my teammates open and get them the ball, I pass very well. I think my defense is pretty good. I would say what I need to improve on is my strength. I need to get stronger because we play up in our tournaments. I mean, it’s a big difference from 15U to 16U, so I just want to get stronger.

Who’s been showing the most interest in you this summer?

Michigan, Ohio State, Xavier, Dayton, Indiana and I just talked to Illinois. Those are some main ones who I’ve recently talked to.

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Any early offers?

I have one from Xavier, Dayton, West Virginia, Miami of Ohio and Ohio State. (Ed: Ohio State and Xavier officially)

Have you enjoyed the recruiting process? Or has it gotten old?

I’ve enjoyed it tremendously. I like talking with the coaches. I do stay humble while I’m at it, but like I said I’ve enjoyed it and I’m just taking it all slow right now, not rushing anything. It’s been fun.

What are you looking for in a school?

I would say the coaches, and how they make me feel at home, I would say the academics, like what I would do during school. After, if I didn’t play in the NBA or overseas or something, what they could get me, how academics would push me to go further.

How much contact have you had with the Michigan coaches?

I’ve had a lot of contact with them. Actually, I’m going to their team camp in a week. They’ve talked to my high school coach. I’ve had a lot of contact with them so far.

Who’s been your primary recruiter?

Jeff Meyer.

Have any of the coaches been at your games this summer?

Yeah, coach Meyer has, and coach Beilein was actually at one of my high school games. Coach Jordan, I think he was at one earlier this year.

What’s your impression of the coaching staff?

They’ve been great to me. When I’m there, they make me feel like I’d be perfect for them. They make me feel right at home. They talk about how great I would fit in with their program and how their team runs. They’ve been great to me and they make me feel right at home, which is what I’m looking for in a school.

Have you had any direct contact with coach Beilein?

Yeah, I’ve talked to him some. I actually went to one of their games this year, against Ohio State, and I talked to him before the game in his office. He’s been great to me.

Was that the last time you were at Michigan?

That was the last time, I’m pretty sure.

Are you planning on any visits to Michigan in the near future, besides Team Camp?

Just the team camp for right now, which is next week. But I’ll probably go to a football game or a basketball game this coming year.

What do you like about Michigan?

I would say the coaches, definitely, like how they make me feel perfect for them. Academics, like I said. I also really like the tradition. That’s probably the three things I like about them.

How did it feel to get an offer from Ohio State?

It was really exciting. I’m just taking it slow right now, I’m only a sophomore, so I’m just taking my time with it. It was a big deal and I was excited about it, but I just want to see how everything goes for me in the future.

You also just visited IU, correct? What did you think?

Yeah, I went there yesterday. They were pretty good. I went down there and I watched a workout. We took a tour of the campus and I talked to all the coaches. It was a good experience.

Do you have a timeline for when you’d want to make a decision?

No, I wouldn’t say that. Either my junior or senior year.

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