Q&A: Devin Booker reacts to Michigan offer

10466235-large1[1]Devin Booker, a top-40 guard out of Moss Point (Miss.) via Grand Rapids, received a Michigan offer this morning with the entirety of Michigan’s staff on the line. We caught up with him briefly to talk about Michigan, what other offers he’s received, and more.

So who did you talk to this morning from Michigan?
Actually, it was the whole staff. They were all on the line.

What did you talk about?
Obviously, (coach Beilein) offered. He was just talking about how Michigan would fit me and how Michigan would be great for me because I’ve lived here my whole life and I have family and friends here. They talked about how they liked me.

How did it feel?
Well, it’s great. Growing up in Michigan, I’ve lived here my whole life and people are fans of that program. Now I have a chance to play with that program.

Who else have you heard from today?
I’ve heard from Missouri and they offered. I’ve heard from Florida, LSU and a bunch of other schools.

Do you have a timeframe for when you’d like to make a decision?
I don’t have a timeframe yet, but my parents and I have talked about taking time to sit down and discuss it. Just what’s going to affect the college decision, and try to narrow down the schools. All these schools are kind of a hassle. So, we’ll narrow it down and go from there.

Where does Michigan rank among the schools who have offered you or otherwise contacted you?
Michigan is definitely a top runner. I don’t know about an exact rank, but they’re definitely going to be there throughout the whole recruiting process. They’re up there.

Can you see yourself committing to a school this summer?
This summer? I don’t think so. I’m just going to enjoy the experience.

What are you looking for in a school?
Obviously just lifetime opportunities that the school provides, and academics, obviously that’s key. In terms of how I fit in the program, what kids they already have there, who’ll be there when I’m going there, whether or not there are kids leaving for the NBA, stuff like that.

Did you visit Missouri (after Elite 100)?
No, I didn’t get a chance. My flight left too early.

Are you going to be playing for the Grand Rapids Storm in July?
I’m going to be playing one tournament with them, I think the Adidas Invitational – and I might be playing with them in the Brawl for the Ball tournament but that depends on whether or not I make this camp.

How did the EYBL Top 100 camp go?
It went really well. Nike came out with a great camp. I actually played really well out there, and I’m hoping to make the LeBron camp. They take, I think, the top 10 players from that camp and send them off to LeBron’s camp in Vegas.

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