Q&A: Jae’Sean Tate talks recruiting, plans Friday Michigan visit

2014 Pickerington Central forward Jae’Sean Tate has had a very productive summer playing for All-Ohio Red on the AAU circuit. The talented swingman has earned offers from Xavier, Dayton, Iowa and most recently Ohio State. Tate plans on visiting Michigan on Friday, and UMHoops caught up with him for an update on his recruitment.

You’ve been offered by OSU–how’s that feel?
“It feels really good. That’s the dream, you know? I love their campus, I love their coaches, and with my family background a lot of people have gone there from my family and I like that, too.”

Seems like you’ve been able to really impress this summer. What have you been working on?
“I think my footwork has gotten a lot better this summer, and I really don’t think it was the skill set that impressed the coaches — just that I played hard, all the time, during the game. I think that’s what really helped me in my recruitment this year.”

More after the jump including talk about a potential scholarship offer and Tate’s Friday visit plans. 

You’re planning on visiting Michigan this Friday, correct?

What do you think about Michigan? Are they still in it?
“Definitely. I’ve been talking to the coaches, like, every other day and we have a good relationship. You know, Caris and a lot of Pickerington Central boys are down there, so they’re there. About the offer, they’re just waiting. They don’t like to do it like most schools. They don’t like to do it over the phone. They want me to come down, get to know everybody, get to know the coaches before they give me an offer. They would like me to learn more about me and I’d like to learn more about them. So, just because I don’t have an offer doesn’t mean they aren’t up there near the top.”

Have they talked to you about when they plan on offering you?
“I haven’t heard about them 100 percent for sure offering me on this visit. They really wanted me to get down to campus and come down a couple times before they actually give out an offer, so I’m not sure. It could be this week, it could be two weeks from now. I’m just not sure.”

Any other visits planned for the near future?
“I think Michigan is going to be my last one for a while. Maybe Xavier, maybe. But for sure Michigan will be the last one this month.”

You’re done with events, right? Finally home?
“Yup, I’m done. I’m going to start doing some high school basketball and working out with my dad. I’ll be going to some of the small colleges around my area and going to their open gyms. And I’m not playing football this year.”

So you’re full-time basketball now.
“Yeah, full-time basketball now. It was my decision. I went out there for the first couple days of football and banged up my knee, and it was so hot. Then I went on all these visits and it just got me thinking, it’s time to just focus on the sport I love. It was a hard decision, but I think I made the right one.”

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