Michigan, OSU in tug of war for versatile hustle king Jae’Sean Tate

Sam Webb profiles 2014 offeree Jae’Sean Tate in the Detroit News:

“I never really, to be honest, cared about the Ohio State-Michigan thing,” he said. “I’m definitely not an Ohio State football fan. I’m with Denard Robinson all the way on that. I love Michigan football.”

At the moment Tate is legitimately torn, but takes comfort in the fact that he’ll have the full support of his family regardless of the school he picks

“(My parents) like Michigan,” he said. “Whatever decision I make they’re behind me 100 percent. They just want the best for me. They trust (the Michigan coaches).

“They trust (Ohio State’s) too. Those guys (at Ohio State) are really cool. I like them a lot too. My parents trust them just as much as they trust Michigan. And like I said, they are behind me in whatever decision I make.”

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