2015 Intro: Justin Greason visits Michigan

A23k0qYCQAAI3Ad[1]Justin Greason is a 6-foot-8 big man out of Utica Eisenhower High School in the class of 2015. He has flown relatively under the radar this summer but began to draw major in-state attention this summer after suiting up with the Michigan Mustangs. He’s already visited Michigan State and made the trip to Ann Arbor for a visit on Saturday. We caught up with Greason to talk about the visit, his game and what he thinks of Michigan.

What did you do on the visit?

They took me on a tour of the new facility and the new practice floor. I thought it was very nice. Then we ate, and then we just watched the UMass-Michigan game.

Did you enjoy the game?

It was great, The atmosphere was terrific with the student section. It was nice.

Were you able to talk to the coaches?

Yes, I talked to coach Beilein and assistant coach Bacari Alexander.

What did you guys talk about?

They were just asking if I could see myself here, did I have a dream school. They told me just to keep working and keep my grades up.

How did the visit go overall?

It was great.I had a great experience.

Have you taken any other visits?

Yes. I went to Michigan State on August 31st for the Boise State game.

How did that visit go?

That was good too, it was a nice atmosphere.

How would you compare the two visits?

They were very similar to each other. We just went on tours and got to watch the game and talk to the coaches. They’re both great schools.

Do you have any workouts planned?

Yes, I do plan to have coaches over to Eisenhower High School to come watch me work out this fall.

What do you like about Michigan?

Really just the tradition there, and how the program is on the rise. They’re building up the basketball with the new facilities. It’s great.

How would you describe your game?

I’m more of a back-to-the-basket player, I like to go to the right hook. I’ve been trying to work on putting the ball on the floor and be more of an all-around player.

What AAU team did you play for this summer?

This summer I played with the Michigan Mustangs.

How did the summer go?

It was great. We did pretty good. We had championship runs in a lot of the tournaments.

What were you working on this summer?

Just having a better jumpshot and putting the ball on the floor. That’s been my main focus all summer.

Which schools have you been hearing from?

So far, it’s just Michigan and Michigan State since I started playing for the Mustangs.

What are you looking for in a school?

The academics, just making sure they have the kind of stuff I want to go into. That’s about it. Just the atmosphere, making sure it’s the best place for me.

What do you think of the coaching staff?

They were great. I like them. They made me feel like I was already part of the program.

Were they at some of your events this summer?

I think they were in Kansas City and Grand Rapids.

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