Q&A: Chandler White recaps Michigan unofficial

JSC_8760-2-2[1]Michigan followed the 15U Indiana Elite Team Indiana AAU team consistently throughout the live evaluation period summer. That squad featured last week’s high profile visitor, top 20 point guard Hyron Edwards, playing alongside one of Michigan’s top visitors this past weekend, Chandler White. The Fort Wayne native already holds an offer from Boston College along with interest from Michigan, Indiana, Butler, New Mexico, Purdue, Illinois, Michigan State, Wisconsin and Wake Forest among others but has been a frequent visitor to Ann Arbor. White took the time on Sunday evening to provide a quick update regarding his weekend trip to Ann Arbor and where he’s at in the recruiting process.

What did you do during the visit?
When we first got there, Coach Beilein came and picked us up from where we parked at. And then we went over to Crisler Center and he showed us around there. We’ve already seen it but he showed us again. Then after that we had our lunch or whatever. Then we talked to Beilein for a little bit. Then he toured us around campus, and then we came back and went to the game.

What’d you think of the game?
It was nice. The Big House is always fun to go to because of how loud it is and how many people are there.

What’d you talk to Beilein about?
Mainly we were talking about my grades, how I’m doing, that they only accept good kids to play on the team because the bad kids won’t get that far. That’s basically it.

How did the visit go overall?
It was great.

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What other visits do you have planned for the fall?
We’ve planned Indiana on October 20th for the game and then Hoosier Hysteria after that. Later in the fall we’ll probably go up to Boston College.

Who have you worked out for so far this fall?
Last week, I worked out for Butler and New Mexico. Coach Meyer said he’d be coming down next Tuesday to watch me.

What do you like about Michigan?
The tradition around basketball and football, and their coaching staff is fun to be with.

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