Q&A: 2015 forward Trevor Manuel taking visits, recruiting still “wide open”

tmanuel053012[1]Trevor Manuel is one of the most versatile prospects in the class of 2015. The 6-foot-8 prospect and Lansing native already holds a Michigan State offer but has visited Michigan and North Carolina State this fall as well. The Lansing Sexton sophomore had originally planned on a return visit to Ann Arbor this weekend but will be attending a camp instead. We caught up with Manuel to talk to him about his recruitment, recent visits and more.

What skills are you working on the prepare for the high school season?

I’m working on them all, really. I’m trying to get in the weight room and put on some muscle and get stronger so I can work in the post. I’m working on my outside game, my handles every day. I’m working on everything, really.

Who have you been hearing from recently?

I have all the Big Ten schools showing interest in me. And then I have North Carolina State, Oregon, Memphis, Kansas and Providence. That’s about it.

You recently visited NC State, correct

Yeah. I was there I think two weeks ago.

How was the visit?

It was really good. It’s a nice campus and they have a wonderful coaching staff. It was fun to be around.

Were you at Michigan State’s Midnight Madness?

Yeah, I went to Midnight Madness.

How was it?

It was wonderful, just to see some of my old teammates from last year going in and doing big things out there. The whole team was looking good.

Being from Lansing, do you find yourself leaning toward the Spartans?

My recruiting is pretty wide open, but there’s a bind there with State. Just growing up around the area, growing up with some of the players and coaches.

Are you going to make it to Ann Arbor for the Michigan-Michigan State football game this weekend?

Actually, no. I’ll be at the Pangos All-Midwest Camp this weekend. So I’ll be missing the game, I won’t be making it up there.

Do you have plans on rescheduling the visit?

I went up there earlier in the football season. I’m going to try to make it back up there pretty soon. I was there when they played against Massachusetts.

What did you do on that visit?

It was good. I got to sit down and talk to the players. I got to talk to the coaching staff. They showed me the new additions that they’re adding on to Crisler Arena, their new practice facility, their locker rooms and stuff like that.

What did you think of the atmosphere at the game?

I enjoyed it a lot. The people were nice, friendly to talk to. It was a great atmosphere. It was a nice campus to be on.

You said you got to speak with the coaches?

Yeah, I talked to coach Beilein, coach Jordan, pretty much the whole coaching staff.

What did you guys talk about?

We just talked about what I need to do to improve my game and stuff like that. They told me what they’re looking for. They were mostly talking about grades — that was the most important thing.

What’s your impression of that staff?

They’re a nice staff, some people who are fun to be around. Those people really know how to win.

What did you come away liking about Michigan?

I liked the gym (William Davidson Player Development Center) they just added on, it’s a pretty nice facility. And everything like their students, everything like that. They’re cool people to hang out with, they have good recruiting classes, and their coaching staff is wonderful, too.

Is your high school team still running open gyms?

Yeah, on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Have the Michigan coaches been at your open gyms?

Yeah. They’ve been up to a couple of them, and they said they’re going to try to make a couple more. They didn’t really say when they’d be up there.

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