2012-2013 Season

Video & Quotes: Tim Hardaway Jr. looks back on Bradley win

Tim Hardaway Jr. was available to speak with the media Monday about Michigan’s win over Bradley, the progress of the team to this point and more. You can watch using the embedded media player below or read selected quotes after the jump.

  • Hardaway doesn’t think Michigan will have any trouble staying focused playing a lesser teams at home after playing NC State and then its first road game. “Our young guys are doing a really good job of just staying in the moment right now and they just want to get better each and every day. We’re looking at each and every opponent as the best team out there.”
  • On the problems Michigan has had closing out games: “We haven’t been really focused out there, to me in my eyes. That just comes with practice. We just have to get more reps in situations where we’re up by a certain amount of points.”
  • On if it’s part of the job of the veterans to make sure the younger players know what they need to do to close out games: “I definitely feel that way. Not only myself but Corey Person, Matt Vogrich, Blake McLimans, they all do a great job of making sure where are minds are during the game. … Any team is capable of coming back on you so you just have to keep on doing the best you can at that point in the game. … It comes down to just execution and staying poised.”
  • On learning from the experience: “It’s definitely a learning experience, especially going into a hostile environment like that at Bradley. IT was very tough , it was very loud out there. It was just really good to see everyone staying poised out there… Not letting anything get in their mind about the team coming back and just moving onto the next play.”
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