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Video & Quotes: John Beilein reacts to 2-0 Big Ten start

John Beilein faced the media after another 28 point win in Big Ten play. Beilein discussed what went right in the game and a number of Michigan’s standout performers. Watch Beilein in the embedded media player below or find notes and quotes after the jump.

“I think in the first probably 15 minutes, you saw two really strong teams really battling it out and trying to find themselves. Once you hit the speed and the physical play of the Big Ten, it was a very competitive game. Between defense and offense we had to realize where we were against Iowa. I really like their team. They’ve just had an unfortunate start playing Indiana and Michigan on a night like this, back-to-back to start your games. I don’t know too many teams that wouldn’t be 0-and-2 in that situation. I like their team, I think it’s going to be really good down the line. But I like our team, too. We did some really good things out there. We needed that. We’ve been in a lot of games where, in the first 15 minutes we might’ve had a double-digit lead and we didn’t have that today. We closed well, then we came out in the second half and really played good from the get-go. Love that focus, that energy and that determination that you need to have.”

  • On what happened at the end of the first half: Beilein said Michigan had trouble adjusting from defending Northwestern’s offense to Iowa’s. “With the speed (Iowa) runs (their offense), they’re really tough to guard. … we had some shots that we’d rather have back, and a few turnovers where we just pressed a little bit on offense. Once we settled down, got in a stance, guarded, made them miss shots, and then got our transition game going, that was big.”
  • On the unselfishness of the team: “I think it’s something we preach, it’s something we recruit, and you have to buy in to that. That’s not human nature all the time. … One of coach Meyer’s favorite quotes here is, ‘The rising tide raises all boats.’ We’re telling everybody, no matter who you are on this team, the more you give, the more you’re going to get.”
  • On Glenn Robinson III: “There is stuff that is being run for him that is sort of silent stuff to get him in areas. … We are running things to get him open and get him in space behind the scenes, as you can see. I think what stands out with him is not his vertical jump but the quickness with which he can get to the rim.”
  • On Mitch McGary “hitting singles”: Beilein said Mitch is improving “every day.” “That’s one of the biggest things we break through – listen, you don’t win the game with just highlights. Just simple plays.”
  • To illustrate Mitch McGary’s effect on the program, Beilein referenced Zack Novak going up and getting rebounds “he had no business getting,” whereas it’s far less challenging for McGary to snag those rebounds because of his natural ability.
  • On Trey Burke: “You guys have seen a lot of good point guards over time, here at Michigan, but you can see that this young man is really special. …Whatever that (assist-to-turnover) ratio is after the Garden, it’s something very few teams ever experience. Or coaches.”
  • On whether he coaches this team different than his others because they’re so athletic: “We always thought, as we were trying to develop a coaching philosophy with my staff, and I have a great staff, is that we wouldn’t change if we got more athletic. Some of these principles will still work even if you did have better speed. … We’ve always run, wherever I’ve been, but we run a little faster now. And we jump a little higher.”
  • On Nik Stauskas not getting the open looks he was used to: “There’s a process he’s going to go through … he is very receptive to being coached. What he has to be ready for is that everyone is going to play him differently. … He’s got to be ready for a different challenge every day.”
  • On Jon Horford dressing: “He wanted to dress, and he’s getting closer and closer (to returning). We’ll push him a little harder this week. … He hasn’t gone full-court yet, but he’s all-out half-court.”

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