Scouting Video, Q&A: AJ Turner vs. Detroit Douglass

AJ Turner scored 12 points in De La Salle’s 51-46 loss to Detroit Frederick Douglass. UM Hoops was on hand to watch Turner’s up-and-down performance and here’s a scouting video from the game’s action:

After the jump read our interview with Turner who discusses his contact with Michigan, his upcoming visit to Ann Arbor and more.

What did you think about your performance tonight?
“I think I could have been a little more aggressive. They sent a couple defenders at me when I was dribbling. I think the team, they outplayed us, they out-hustled us, they got more offensive rebounds than we did. They just did more things right than we did tonight.”

How has your game has progressed this season? Where have you improved and what do you need to work on?
“I think there’s a lot I still need to improve on. I’ve been working better on my ball-handling skills since coach wanted to put me at the 1, so I need to keep working on that. Just work on my techniques, my follow-through, getting low and just keep working on defensive rebounding.”

You handled the point and off the ball as well. Which position do you prefer and which position do you think you’re better at?
“I like both of them. I like the wing because I can score. I like the point guard position because I can have the ball in my hands at all times. I don’t really prefer one over the other.”

What schools have been recruiting you lately?
“Syracuse, Missouri, Memphis, Michigan, Michigan State, Iowa, Northwestern, Arizona State, Xavier and Providence.”

What schools have offered you a scholarship so far?
“I have 13. Arizona State, UMass, Northern Illinois, Toledo, Eastern Michigan, Central Michigan, Dayton, Oakland, U of D, Robert Morris and Penn.”

How often have you been talking to the coaches at Michigan lately and what have they been telling you about your game?
“The only one I’ve talked to is coach Beilein, and he said he loves my game. He said he wants me to come up for the game in February. That’ll be my first time going out there.”

What has Michigan been telling you about a possible scholarship offer?
“They said they’re going to come out to a few more games and evaluate me and build a better relationship and then they would decide after that.”

You said you’re planning on visiting for a game in February? Do you know what game yet?
“Yup. The first home game (in February). I’m not really sure. It’s the first home game.” [Ed: Ohio State]

What other schools are you planning on visiting in the next few months?
“I’m not really sure. There’s none set and dated. I was hoping I can go up to Iowa and Northwestern sometime soon.”

Is there a school you’re leaning toward right now?

Do you have a timetable for making a college decision?
“Most likely next year after AAU season.”

I know you started out as an Michigan State fan, but have recently starting following Michigan more. Why did that happen, and what do you like about Michigan?
“I like the football program. They have a great tradition. The Fab Five, I watched the documentary and just fell in love with the Fab Five.”

How much has Shane Morris been working on you, trying to get you to come to Michigan?

“He talks to me a lot. Mostly every day in the hallway, he’s just in my ear.”

What’s the No. 1 thing you’ve been working on lately?
“My ball-handling skills because coach plays me at the point guard.”

How much do you weigh now and have you put a significant amount of weight on recently?
“Yeah, I weigh 185 now. Last year, I only weighed like 160 or something like that.”

What are your goals both individually and as a team for this season?
“As a team, our goal should be a to win a state title, just like every other team. I think we have the team to do it. And my goal is just to keep progressing and help the team out.”

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