2012-2013 Season

A day with Michigan’s John Beilein reveals his fire, determination

20130221191131_17-UM-BeileinA[1]Bob Wojnowski goes behind the scenes to follow John Beilein for a day:

 “That’s lousy ball-screen defense — LOUSY!” Beilein yelled as he stopped practice. “Can I see some athleticism please, Mitch?! Be an athlete! Don’t be a slow big man! Hit the stairs!”

With that, McGary raced halfway up the Crisler steps, then back down. Simple action, simple consequence. Beilein almost never curses but his presence is profound, arms folded, watching everything.

Spend a day with him and you’ll find he’s exactly as he appears, calm and friendly and enraptured by the nuances of basketball. But one thing should not be misconstrued: His gentlemanly nature does not dim his competitive fire, not one bit.

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