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Notes, quotes from John Beilein on Big Ten teleconference

Dustin Johnston

John Beilein joined the rest of the Big Ten coaches on this week’s teleconference Monday morning. Beilein addressed Michigan’s tough loss on Sunday against Indiana as well as the altercation between Tom Crean and Jeff Meyer. You can read the full transcript of the call below.

Opening statement: “It was a terrific basketball game here in Ann Arbor yesterday. Our home crowds continue to amaze me with how loud and supportive they’ve been all year long. The atmosphere, you couldn’t touch. It was a disappointing loss, but a heck of a basketball game. We’re just moving forward and getting ready for the Big Ten tournament.

  • On how he approaches Jordan Morgan about the missed tip-in on Sunday: “After the game, I went and gave everyone a pat on the back. We’ll just grow better from this. It is exactly what it is. We just have to continue to get better, and we have to work with him to continue visualizing where he’s putting the ball on these different shots, is he looking at the right spot, and believing it’s going in. Whether it’s foul shooting, whether it’s layups, or even 3-point shooting, there’s a lot of not just focus but relaxation. You have to have the confidence to make it.”
  • So missing inside shots is a confidence issue with Morgan? “I’m not a psychiatrist, but he misses some, he makes some. Our job is to find different ways to get that done. … Jordan’s one of the top ones in the league at shooting percentage, but there are some that disappoint him. He’s a hard worker, he’s just got to keep working at it.”
  • On how he addresses the rebounding disparity and defensive rotations in film: “Just like in every game, our film session will be 20-30 percent what we call instructional, and that’s the stuff we have to improve in. Then it will be a good 50 percent of things like, this is the Wolverine way, we call it. This is what we have to do to be winners, to be champions and just keep improving as a team. Then 15-20 percent will not be instructional, this is something we need to all address and get better in immediately. … We’ll go over everything, but we always emphasize the positive.”

More quotes on the post-game altercation between Jeff Meyer and Tom Crean after the jump.

  • On if he saw the altercation between Tom Crean and Jeff Meyer after the game and his thoughts: “I have seen just the video of it. Jeff and I discussed it afterward. I’m not going to comment on another coach or another University. I will say that Michigan’s always going to win with class, and we’re going to lose with class. We’re never going to use victory or defeat as a platform to vent any frustrations we’re going to have. I’m really proud of the way Jeff showed great poise and handled himself in the aftermath of the disappointment of that loss. He’s a great coach, and he’s helped us rebuild this program brick by brick, side by side with me. I’m glad he’s on our sideline.”
  • On what he thinks about being a top-10 team and a 5-seed in the Big Ten tournament: “I hadn’t thought about that one bit, about how teams outside the conference see us as compared to being the fifth seed in this. There were so many games this year when the ball was in the air and we won or lost. We were a victim of it sometimes, and we benefited from it sometimes. It says a lot about the strength of this league. I’ve only been in it five years, and it’s the toughest I’ve seen it. I’m sure that Bo (Ryan) and Tom Izzo and Bill Carmody could tell you more. I know they’ve been in this league longer than I.”
  • On whether or not Tom Crean called Jeff Meyer to apologize after the game: “Like I said, I’m talking about what Michigan does. I’m not commenting on what Tom Crean does or anything. I’m just saying Michigan’s going to win with class, we’re going to lose with class, and our players and our assistant coaches and everyone’s going to do it. So, I’m not confirming anything. I’m just telling you this is Michigan, this is how we act and what we do.”

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