Nike EYBL Roundup: Hampton

A summary of how Michigan recruiting targets performed in Nike’s Elite Youth Basketball League over the weekend.

The Nike Elite Youth Basketball League (EYBL) was back in session for the second of two April evaluation periods over the weekend. The second session was hosted by Boo Williams in Hampton, VA and once again featured all of Michigan’s offered prospects and a number of other key targets. Michigan assistant coaches were on the ground Friday and Saturday while John Beilein flew in on Sunday to catch the action.

Nike EYBL Session 2 Per Game Averages

Devin Booker 5 26.0 16.8 4.6 5.8 13.0 45% 1.6 5.0 32% 51% 3.6 5.0 72% 1.2 3.4
Trevon Bluiett 5 26.2 21.0 4.2 6.6 13.8 48% 2.6 6.8 38% 57% 5.2 5.6 93% 3.6 1.2
Vince Edwards 5 25.8 14.4 7.6 4.6 9.2 50% 1.4 3.4 41% 58% 3.8 4.8 79% 0.2 1.4
Kameron Chatman 5 27.6 18.6 12.2 7.0 15.8 44% 0.6 4.0 15% 46% 4.0 5.4 74% 2.0 1.6
Zylan Cheatham 5 27.0 9.2 8.4 2.4 5.0 48% 0.0 0.0 #DIV/0! 48% 4.4 6.0 73% 0.6 1.8
Jalen Brunson 5 26.8 12.0 2.6 3.6 10.2 35% 1.4 3.2 44% 42% 3.4 3.6 94% 7.2 3.8
Edmond Sumner 5 27.4 14.8 2.0 4.6 12.8 36% 2.8 6.8 41% 47% 2.8 3.0 93% 5.0 2.6

Notes & Observations:

  • Trevon Bluiett averaged 21 points per game in Hampton and is averaging 20 points through eight games of EYBL action. Bluiett had games of 29 and 27 points in Hamtpon and handed out seven assists in the final game of the weekend as a bonus. Bluiett’s Spiece team went 4-1 on the weekend and sits first in Division A with a 6-3 record.
  • Devin Booker shot 32% from long range and averaged 17 points per game for the Alabama Challenge, who picked up a big upset win over previously undefeated Houston Hoops. The concern with Booker is turnovers against pressure defense, Booker is averaging four giveaways per game in EYBL action.

  • It was an up and down weekend for Vince Edwards, who had games of 22, 19, 17, 10 and 4 points on the weekend.Edwards had one of his best games of the EYBL in a 13 point win over Wisconsin Playground, scoring 22 points on 6-of-13 (3-7 3pt) shooting with 12 rebounds in 31 minutes.
  • Kameron Chatman had monster stats in Hampton, averaging a 19 point, 12 rebound double-double through five games. The 3-point shot still isn’t there – Chatman was 3-of-20 from long range in Virginia -but you have to love Chatman’s versatility, length and rebounding ability.
  • Edmond Sumner continues to be productive with The Family and took a visit to Michigan State last week. Michigan doesn’t seem to need a point guard in the class of 2014 but Sumner remains a name to remember.

Coach Watch

John Beilein was on hand for Sunday action in Virginia and he tracked the usual suspects. Beilein watched Devin Booker twice and sat with two assistants for the final game of the day in between Booker’s game against Houston Hoops and Trevon Bluiett’s game against Team Final. Beilein also watched Kameron Chatman and we’re willing to bet he stopped in on Vince Edwards as well.

Scouts Say

Is Devin Booker overrated? Jerry Meyer isn’t even sure. Meyer’s comments about Booker’s game were fairly neutral after the event

With overwhelming media attention surrounding him, Booker had a solid weekend for the Alabama Challenge. He made shots from the outside and provided a focal point of the offense that helped free up teammates.

Booker also has the attention of a number of coaches. Coach K, Tom Izzo, Billy Donovan, John Beilein,Frank Haith, Anthony Grant and others watched him over the weekend.

But he was a bit more forthcoming on Twitter, labeling Booker as primarily a spot up shooter.

Devin Booker will primarily be spot up shooter n college, which is valuable, but getting overhyped cause of offers.

When asked if Booker could be compared to Doron Lamp, Meyer responded “weaker. Devin Booker doesn’t have near the grit, strength or competitiveness.”

The best element of Booker’s game is not just his shooting ability but his intelligence off the ball but he’s not a one trick pony. Booker has some ball skills and is very capable of creating offense. The one element of Meyer’s criticism that hits home are the turnovers. Those are something that Booker has struggled with on the EYBL circuit but he’s far from the only player to have elevated turnover numbers on the AAU circuit.

Booker is a perfect fit for the two position at Michigan with his ability to get open off the ball but also create in spurts and there’s a reason that the top high-majors in the country are on this tail.


Up Next: Session Three of the Nike EYBL takes place May 10th through 12th in Dallas, Texas.

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