Scouting Video, Q&A: Chandler White at Adidas Spring Classic

Chandler White has visited Michigan a handful of times and there’s legitimate mutual interest between the powerful Indiana guard and the Michigan staff. White had a solid weekend at the Adidas Spring Classic in Indianapolis and UM Hoops was on hand. Watch White in the embedded media player below.

Find a full update on White’s recruitment after the jump, including plans to visit Michigan for John Beilein’s College Practice Camp on June 1st.

How do you think you performed throughout the tournament this weekend?

“All weekend has been a pretty good new process, working good with the teammates. We added two new players, and it’s fun playing with these guys. We get along great, and share the ball. It’s just really fun.”

How much does playing with guys like Hyron Edwards and Jalen Coleman make you a better player?

“It’s good. They help me out a lot. If I can’t get something, they can get something going. We just all really share the ball.”

How has your game progressed from your freshman to sophomore high school season? What’s the biggest thing you improved on?

“It’s progressed a lot. Working on my jump shot a lot, handling, and sitting down and playing defense.”

What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses in your game at this point?

“Biggest strengths in my game so far are driving, penetrating to the lane and pull-up jump shots. But what I want to work on more is shooting on the perimeter and dribbling.”

You work really hard on defense. Can you talk about your defensive tenacity and the pride you take on the defensive end?

“Defense turns into offense is what I’ve always learned. The more you play defense the more offense you get.”

What’s the update on your recruiting? What schools are looking at you and who’s showing the most interest?

“The most lately is Michigan really hard, Indiana and Purdue. Those are the three biggest. But I have a lot of Big Ten schools, and Boston College and New Mexico.”

What scholarship offers do you have so far?

“Just Boston College right now.”

Who’s been your lead recruiter at Michigan and what have they been telling you about your game and what they would like to see from you?

“At Michigan, I’ve been talking to Jeff Meyer. He tells me likes the way I play. I penetrate, but he wants to see me work on my ball handling, changing speeds and my perimeter jump shot. I try to get in touch with him about once a month.”

What did you think about Michigan’s run in the NCAA tournament?

“Their run was great. They beat some pretty good teams. Kansas and Syracuse are really good teams. Syracuse is really long and (Michigan) did a good job of beating their 1-3-1.”

Does Michigan’s recent success influence your thought process on potentially going there because they’re back in the spotlight as a winning program?

“Yeah I like playing for winning programs. To really see them go far, and see Indiana going far, it really interests me.”

How do you think you’d fit in with John Beilein’s system if you went to Michigan?

“I can do it. Sit down play defense, and just give him the minutes that he needs, just be an attacker and a scorer.”

Do you have any plans for college visits in the next few weeks? Any plans to visit Michigan?

“I do plan to go to Michigan’s camp there on June 1st.”

What’s one thing you think college coaches should know about you as a player? What makes you a unique player?

“Physicality is a big one, and my basketball I.Q. is really good, and just working with teammates.”

What’s the recruiting process been like for you, competing every weekend in front of high major coaches?

“It’s really fun, seeing them all sitting over there and showing them what you got. But at the same time, doing what you can and not trying to do too much.”

How tall are you and how much do you weigh these days? Have you grown at all or put on any weight recently?

“I’m about 6-foot-2. I’ve been in the weight room a lot, and I weigh about 175 or 180 pounds.”

What’s the number one thing you want to improve on during this AAU season?

“During the AAU season I just want to keep working, and do everything I’m doing. But stay in the gym more and stay in the weight room.”

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