State of the Blog: Thanks for the support


We launched our State of the Blog postseason fundraiser a month ago and wanted to wrap things up (don’t worry you can still contribute if you forgot) with a sincere thank you to all of you that contributed.

The fundraiser was one of our best yet (other than this year’s preseason drive, which vastly exceeded expectations) and that was vital. When we added up the bills after Michigan’s NCAA tournament run we realized we had already matched last year’s total expenses in just four months. While we wouldn’t have it any other way, it shows that growth isn’t always cheap.

Your support is always appreciated and the site wouldn’t survive in its current form without it. It’s crazy to think that Michigan’s NCAA tournament run came to a close just a month ago, as it feels like distant history, but it was our privilege to cover it. Thanks from all of us here and with four AAU tournaments already under our belts this spring, remember there’s more to come throughout the off-season.

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