Introducing the UM Hoops Forum

Comments have always been the primary means of discussion here at UM Hoops (and we don’t expect that to change) but today we’re proud to introduce the UM Hoops Forum.

Forums were the original format of social media on the internet and have obviously prevalent in the world of online sports. We hope that the forum can further Michigan basketball discussion beyond the confines of comments. Hopefully fewer ideas will be lost in the shuffle and more opinions will be shared without being constricted to the content of something posted on the front page.

The forum can be accessed at It will be linked in the header menu and the latest posts will be displayed in the tabbed sidebar widget to the right of this post. You can sign on by registering a new account or securely syncing your Facebook, Twitter, Google or Open ID accounts.

We’re calling this a soft launch so there may be some growing pains along the way. But for now, head on over to the forum, sign up and join in the discussion.

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