2013-14 Season

ESPN projects Robinson, McGary and Stauskas as first round picks

ESPN’s latest mock draft has Glenn Robinson III (17), Mitch McGary (23) and Nik Stauskas (29) all slotted in the first round. Here’s what ESPN had to say on Stauskas’s game.

The Michigan preseason NBA draft hype has really surrounded Robinson and McGary. But, through the Wolverines’ first five games, it’s been Stauskas who has been Michigan’s best player on the floor. He’s averaging more than 20 points per game, shooting 47 percent from 3 and is even taking over some of the point guard duties for the team. Although Stauskas is neither an elite athlete nor a great defender, his offensive abilities are getting him a serious look from NBA scouts. Not only does he continue to be a lights-out shooter but he’s getting to the line this season; last season, he had just 87 free throw attempts in 39 games, but this season he already has 46 in six games.

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