State of the Blog Update: Thank you

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Today is the last day of our donation drive, I wanted to reach out and thank everyone that has supported the site over the last month. We’ve received over 200 donations and have raised $11,285 – 75% of our fundraising goal.

The contributions we’ve received so far are a big step in the right direction toward maintaining the level of coverage that you’ve come to expect. We’ve provided first-hand coverage from every game this season – something that can’t be said of all of our competition – and we plan to continue that approach throughout the season.

As we enter the final few days of our drive, we wanted to reach out once more to ask for your help. Our progress thus far has been extremely encouraging and we are thankful for all of your support, but with one final push we think we can reach our goal. You can donate using the buttons above (or on the sidebar) and all donations are appreciated.

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