2013-14 Season

Mitch McGary injured in collision with basket support, will undergo tests

Michigan 70, Arizona 72-27After Michigan’s 68-65 win over Stanford in Brooklyn Saturday night, Michigan coach John Beilein shed some light on the nature of Mitch McGary’s injury. Michigan’s All-American big man was forced to watch the game in street clothes because of various ailments.

Beilein said that he met with McGary before practice on Friday, and decided the big man was in too much pain to play.

“We met before practice and he’s just still in a lot of pain in a couple of different areas,” Beilein said during his post-game press conference following his team’s win over the Cardinal. “He had a big collision in practice last week, and it kept taking its toll, taking its toll. He’s got a lot of various (injuries) that are bothering him right now, so we just said, ‘let’s sit it out then.’ We’ll meet with some doctors tomorrow and see what we can do.”

The coach made it clear McGary’s “collision” didn’t result in any concussion-like symptoms. Rather, his whole body has been physically sore for about a week following the collision and the coaches aren’t sure what’s causing the soreness.

“He ran hard into — his whole body’s sore. I mean, you know how big that man is?” Beilein said. “He ran into the basket and went right down. And then got up and ran back down the court, but the next couple days he was really sore. We don’t know what’s causing the soreness, but he’s banged up, head to toe.”

McGary is set to undergo tests in an attempt to figure out the root of the problem. Michigan has scheduled him to be examined over the next few days, after which point the coaching staff will know more about the extent of the injury. Beilein did not elaborate on the specific nature of the tests McGary will undergo.

“We’re going to give him some tests and see if anything, whether it’s the back, from before, whatever it is that’s causing the different discomfort he’s got all over the place,” Beilein said. “We’ll look through that. Tomorrow and ongoing, we’ve got something scheduled, so we’ll just work on that.”

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