2013-14 Season

Video & Quotes: John Beilein recaps loss at Indiana

Michigan had its 10-game winning streak snapped in Bloomington against Indiana, falling to the Hoosiers 63-52. John Beilein was available to speak with the media following the loss. Big thanks to our friends at Inside The Hall for the footage. You can watch the full interview using the embedded media player below.

Notes and quotes after the jump. 

Opening statement: “Tom and his staff did a really great job. His defensive game plan was outstanding. We hadn’t seen anything like it since I’ve been here. We ended up trying to adjust on the fly, and we’ve got to learn from it.”

  • On Indiana’s defense and whether or not he’s seen anything like it while he’s been at Michigan: “No. They had different switches, and they switched different screens than people normally do, so we’ll learn from it.
  • On Indiana’s decision to put Yogi Ferrell on Nik Stauskas“Just take your quickest player, don’t let Nik get the ball. We’ve seen that before. We haven’t seen when they put our primary screener with a switch guy. That’s what changed a lot of things. Drawing that up in the huddle and in practice was two different things.
  • On Yogi Ferrell: “He was terrific. That’s as good a point guard play — he only took 10 shots for 27 points. Ran his team. Even at shot clock time, he made huge shots. A couple of them, probably, we could have done a little bit better on him, but four or five of them — that’s 15 points — you can’t do anything on that. When he goes to a slow-to-quick move and just shoots it in from probably NBA range, it’s a pretty good shot… I don’t think anyone is going to beat them if Yogi goes 7-of-8 from deep — I don’t care who it is.”
  • On Indiana: “I think they are going to go as Yogi goes right  now. I think it was the Wisconsin game where he hit a whole bunch of shots as well, but the Northwestern game he was 1-for-8. Northwestern says shoot that ball, your not gonna make it. The same shots he missed against Northwestsern he made today. He’s a good player. They are like us, they’re young they’re gonna have really good games  and then games where you wonder if they practice all year. It happens when you have a team this youthful.

  • On free throws: “Jordan is a career 66% guy, if he can shoot 66 we’re happy. Glenn has been like 80%, 90%. It’s stuff that happens in games.”
  • On mismatches: “We were trying to get some mismatches through switches, but I thought we could do a better job there. Obviously we were trying to get Nik the ball… or Nik’s over there let Yogi guard him and we’ll play 4-on-4. The plan didn’t work.”

  • On learning from the win: “

    I’m really a bad loser, but this makes us all get better. You learn so much more from losses than you do in wins. Somewhere down the line this game will come back and help us win another game hopefully.

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