2013-14 Season

Video & Quotes: Jordan Morgan recaps senior night victory over Indiana

Jordan Morgan spoke with the media following Michigan’s win over Indiana and the ensuing post-game festivities. The redshirt senior discussed his emotional night, how he was able to get his offense going early, finally celebrating a Big Ten Championship and much more. Watch the full interview using the embedded media player below.

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  • On balancing emotions with needing to get the win: “It’s tough, man. I wanted to keep it short and get it wrapped up here. Even before the game, I wanted to keep it brief and stay focused.”
  • On finishing like this on senior day: “The past two days have been pretty bad. It was great to finish with a win. That’s the most important thing: finishing with a win with these guys. It’s been a heck of a year, I’ve got some great teammates and it’s been a lot of fun.”
  • On getting emotional before the game: “Trust me, it was worse before that. That was pretty calm compared to when they had to do the Journey interview, I couldn’t even finish that interview.”
  • On the post-game locker room: “It was just happy, you know? I wouldn’t say it was overly ecstatic. Just happy to get the win, grateful to have a few of the ex-players in there, to be surrounded by family, just pretty grateful.”
  • On having a nice start despite the emotions: “It’s fun. It’s just kind of the way it went. It was fun to start the game out like that. I did my best to just keep the emotions separate, keep the whole walking thing kind of short and just moving on so I didn’t spend too much time reminiscing and getting all soft.”
  • On how long they savor tonight before moving on: “Not long. Maybe enjoy tonight, but after that shift focus. We’ve got more ahead of us, more goals to accomplish. This is just the beginning.”
  • More on his fast start: “Especially the way the kind of game plan, I knew that if they did what they did last time — just putting guards on me — I was going to do my best to go inside and get rebounds. That’s what happened. If I don’t make them pay for that stuff, then we’re going to have a long night.”
  • On what he was thinking about that made him so emotional: “I mean, you’re talking about five years of emotions all wrapped up into one day. So much work, sweat and adversity that went into this. Years and years of battling. It’s just a constant battle for five years. No matter what it is, whether it’s on the court or off the court, this is a culmination of all that.”
  • On having Charles Woodson photobomb the team picture: “I saw him on the sideline. I grew up a Michigan fan, so he was one of my idols. I didn’t play football, but he’s big time. Just seeing him at the game meant a lot to me.”
  • On John Beilein’s technical foul: “It happens. I just did my best to get everyone ready to go and not let that affect how we play. Let the coaches hold him back and all that and all that extra stuff and just get us together. What happened happened and let’s move on.”
  • On finishing with a double-double on senior night: “It was fun. It was a lot of fun to be out there playing, playing well. Like I said I love playing with these guys, they’re some of the best teammates. It’s been an amazing year. So far. So far.”
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