2013-14 Season

Michigan to take Europe trip in Summer 2014

Michigan 73, Tennessee 71-26Michigan will take a trip to Europe this summer, according to John Beilein on the Inside Michigan Basketball television program and first pointed out by Mark Snyder of the Detroit Free Press.

On the Inside Michigan Basketball television show, Michigan coach John Beilein indicated U-M will take an overseas trip this year in an mgoblue.com interview after the Elite Eight loss to Kentucky.

“This is the year that we can go to Europe,” he said during the “Coffee with the Coach” segment. “So we’ll have another 10 days that we can practice and improve and we have some young kids coming in that can now go to Europe, so it will be a good time for us.”

NCAA rules allow teams to play and practice 10 days in a foreign country during the summer months every four years.

Michigan went to Belgium and Amsterdam in 2010 before a surprisingly successful season. Another trip to Europe could give Michigan time to gel with a roster that is expected to see at least some turnover this off-season.

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