Video & Quotes: Nik Stauskas at NBA Draft Media Day

Nik Stauskas met with the media this afternoon in New York City as part of NBA Draft Media Day. Watch Stauskas’ interview in the embedded media player below, or read transcribed notes and quotes after the jump.

On Steve Nash: “Being from Canada and being a two-time MVP, it gave a lot of us hope. There’s a 6-foot-2, white guy, point guard that’s not athletic and he’s arguably the best player in the world. So it was cool for all us kids growing up to see that.”

On who he talks to for advice: “I talk with Steve (Nash) a lot. Steve is one of those that I can go to – I was just texting him before this – he’s one of those guys I can always go to for advice or anything like that. I know I always have my parents as well, even though they don’t know that much about this process, they kind of keep my level headed and I feel like I’ve got great family and friends that are always there for me.”

On the wave of talent from Canada: “Yeah, that’s probably the most exciting part for me is that tthere are probably 8, 9, 10 year old kids in Canada that are looking up to us and saying I want to be that guy. I was that kid growing up so I’m just excited that people can lookup to me and hopefully I can inspire them.”

On the work ethic and attitude of Canadian prospects: “I think maybe Canadians are just nice. I think we’re a little too nice. But I don’t know, we all grew up and we were hungry and humble and I think being from Canada we had a bit of a chip on our shoulder because I growing up I don’t think we got the respect we thought we deserved. So for our whole lives we just feel like we’ve been trying to prove something and that’s probably the reason we are the way we are.”

On excitement of free agency and the big draft class: “Hey man just pair me up with wherever LeBron goes and I’ll be happy (laughs) – I’m just joking. I feel like it’s a lot more interesting because a lot of teams are talking trades now and you don’t know who is going to keep their picks. I’m sure it’s the same with every draft, but with all of the big names out there right now it’s increased a little bit”

On whether Melo and LeBron might team up: “I don’t know. I doubt it, but it would be a really interesting duo if they did. I feel like it would be really tough to stop.”

On whether the moment has sunk in: “It’s starting to hit me right now these last couple of days, just kind of traveling New York and realizing that the draft is just a couple of days away. It’s starting to hit me and it’s just exciting, I can’t help but just smile and be happy while I’m here and enjoy the moment.

On whether he’s talked to former teammates for advice: “Not really, I signed with the same agency as Tim Hardaway Jr. so I’m staying in close touch with him and he’s given me some advice here and there but nothing too much.”

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