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Video: John Beilein recaps exhibition win over Wayne State

The Michigan basketball team doubled up Wayne State in Monday’s exhibition, 86-43. Afterward, John Beilein applauded his team’s defensive effort, but the coach expressed worry that the Wolverines are behind schedule with implementing some of their packages. Video of Beilein’s press conference and select quotes after the jump.

Opening statement: “I know we put a number on them, but I don’t think we had as many easy ones as you would think. It’s a good trial for us as we look forward to this season. We threw a lot of guys out there, we tried to get the guys you all know and love and have seen play, and try to mix in not necessarily a combination, just get guys minutes.”

On Austin Hatch’s free throw: “His video at Loyola where he made the shot was something that was probably more special. Bacari had the best call. Bacari said (to) get us up at the table, so we can get him out of there so that he could get a round of applause. We don’t know if this is going to happen again. … It’s a tremendous thing for such a great kid.”

On the team’s defense: “We had lapses at times, but overall, they do have a high care level for defense. And that’s so key, because while we sort out the great defenses we see, the things we have to do fundamentally against different defenses, we’re defensively going to have to be good. I think this team can talk. … We have capacity to grow in that area. We have a lot of growth to do.”

On offensive flow: “They really packed things in on us. We’re a much better shooting team than that, but at the same time, once we really got our defense going, we could rebound, get the out in transition and get away from them a little bit.”

On Derrick Walton’s apparent injury: “I think it was a cramp. … He felt it going to the basket.”

On how much of the offense has been installed: “We don’t have a really big package in, and I’m trying to figure out how that’s happened. We held back things today so it’s not out there on video as well, but it’s not very far away. We’re just creeping along. I probably over-analyze it and want things to be running perfectly before we move on. We’re moving in the right direction, but it’s really slow.”

On if the team is where it wants to be: “It’s my biggest quandary every day: OK, should I move forward faster? … It’s hard to believe we went to Europe and we’re still not further along, but I’m not moving as quickly as maybe I would’ve in past years. I just don’t think we’re there yet.”

On the centers: “They’re getting better, but it’s so slow. We just got to keep working, be strong and be efficient with the ball. I love coaching them every day. I think their defense has come a long way, and as their defense gets better, than their thinking will come along.”

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