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Video: John Beilein says ‘there’s no panic button’ despite loss to EMU

The coach praised the Eagles’ stiff 2-3 zone and said he had “never seen something that quick.”

John Beilein met with media following Michigan’s 45-42 loss to Eastern Michigan on Tuesday night. The coach said there’s no reason to panic despite another home loss to a non-conference opponent and praised the Eagles’ stiff 2-3 zone.

Check out video of the press conference in the embedded media player above or read select quotes below.

Opening statement: “That was as good a zone defense as I’ve ever seen at any time, anywhere. And as quick a zone defense as I’ve seen at any time, anywhere. And we just didn’t have enough answers for it. We had answers defensively. … When we did get open shots, which was rarely, we didn’t make enough of those. We had some costly turnovers, uncharacteristic, but it had a lot to do with their quickness and their style of defense.”

On the 2-3 zone compared to Syracuse’s: “So much quicker. Just, incredibly quicker. … They had the scouting report, so we tried to wrinkle some things. But much, much quicker. I’ve never seen something that quick. They got everywhere. The first two times Caris got the ball, they just took it from him. They were on him like crazy.”

On team confidence: “I don’t think so. We didn’t get open shots. If you’re missing a lot of open shots, then you probably might have a confidence issue. We didn’t get many open shots. They were really good. We pride ourselves on being a good offensive team. … We didn’t have many answers today. Their quickness was overwhelming.”

What’s the date today? This is me. This is the way it is all year long. There’s no panic button.”

On team mood: “They’re really down now. Now they’re really down because it’s a local team. Now they’re really down, but we can’t stay down. We just have to move forward. We have a long trip to Arizona. We’re playing a tremendous team. Just bounce back.”

On panicking: “What’s the date today? This is me. This is the way it is all year long. There’s no panic button. It’s December 9th, and it’s a long way.”

On if NJIT shock beat Michigan twice: “They didn’t. … This was an intense game. Our guys really worked hard. New Jersey shot 58%. This team shot 32%, and they’ve been shooting really well. We could not score enough points.”

On adjustments: “I wore out the chalkboard. I wore it out.”

On preparing to travel to Arizona: “We need to rest, No. 1. … Tomorrow is off, then Thursday will be a big Arizona day. Because of the travel and the afternoon game we probably will just touch on some things. But we just have to move right on to Arizona. We’ll watch some video on this, but it’ll be all defense. We won’t see this defense again — I hope I don’t see it again.

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