Notebook: DJ Wilson not working out, combine measurements

DJ Wilson checked in with a 7-foot-3 wingspan, but won’t workout at the NBA Draft Combine.

The biggest news out of the NBA Draft Combine today is that DJ Wilson won’t workout at the draft.

Wilson is recovering from a quad injury and isn’t where he wants to be, according to MLive. He won’t workout and will only participate in measurements and interviews.

John Beilein says he’s been nursing the injury for 4 or 5 days and might have to cancel other workouts. The NBA Draft withdrawal deadline is May 24th, when Wilson and Wagner will have to either hire and agent or decide to return to school.

Here are Beilein’s full remarks via MLive.

In an updated mock draft based on ‘intel from Chicago’, Draft Express moved Wilson up to No. 30 to the Utah Jazz.

Both Derrick Walton and Moritz Wagner will participate in full court action at the NBA Draft Combine. Here are the full 5-on-5 teams.


Wilson, Wagner and Walton were also measured on Thursday and here are their full measurements.

DJ Wilson checked in with a 7-foot-3 wingspan, tied for 12th best at the combine. Wilson measured 6-foot-10.5 with shoes and weighed 234.4 pounds.

Moritz Wagner didn’t get quite as big of a lift from his shoes, but posted a respectable 7-foot wingspan at 231.2 pounds.

Derrick Walton almost reached 6-foot-1 with shoes and weighed 188.6 pounds with a 6-foot-2.5 wingspan.

Here are the full measurements for all three Michigan participants.

Name Height Height w/shoes weight wingspan standing reach body fat % hand length hand width
D.J. Wilson 6′ 8.75” 6′ 10.5” 234.4 7′ 3” 9′ 1.5” 6.4 9.25 10.25
Moritz Wagner 6′ 10” 6′ 11.25” 231.2 7′ 0” 9′ 0” 6.7 8.75 10.75
Derrick Walton Jr. 5′ 11” 6′ 0.75” 188.6 6′ 2.5” 7′ 11” 5.8 8 8.5
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