2019 forward Quinn Slazinski will camp at Michigan

Texas forward Quinn Slazinski compares his game to DJ Wilson’s and is planning to visit Michigan this summer.

Michigan assistant coach Jeff Meyer stopped by Houston this spring to see Jamal Bieniemy. That visit proved unfruitful, as Bieniemy eventually committed to Oklahoma. But Meyer’s visit to another prospect — one with plenty of ties to the state of Michigan — while he was in the area may yet pay off for the Wolverines.

Quinn Slazinski grew up in Michigan before moving with his family to Houston. His dad grew up in Southfield; his mom in Shelby Township. His grandparents live in East Lansing, while his aunts and uncles — including one who graduated from Michigan — reside in the Grand Rapids area.

A member of the class of 2019, Slazinski grew up watching both Michigan State and Michigan but said he never thought there would be a possibility of him playing at such “big-time schools.”

And while he usually returns to the state to visit family, it certainly appears that Slazinski will be making more basketball-related trips to the mitten state — including one to Ann Arbor this summer for the program’s Elite Camp.

“Everyone tells me how beautiful Ann Arbor is, but this is my first time coming up there,” Slazinski told UM Hoops. “I’ve never actually driven past or anything. This summer will be my first time, so I’m really excited.

“Hopefully when I go up there and play in front of them, I can get that offer.”

Because Slazinski is just a sophomore, coaches are unable to directly contact him until June 15.

He does, however, have somewhat of a relationship with both Meyer and head coach John Beilein.

“I’ve talked to Meyer on the phone,” Slazinski said. “Very nice. My mom got a chance to meet him on the phone also.

“I think (Beilein’s) been to one of my games. … He talked to my head coach at my high school a couple times. I haven’t met him yet, but I’m hoping to when I go up there and meet him in person.”

It’s still early in the process for Slazinski, who has tentative plans to trim his list next year. At this point, he has visited schools within driving range such as Texas Christian and Texas A&M; the next step, Slazinski hopes, is a nationwide tour of different team camps this summer.

He’s particularly excited for his already-planned visit to Michigan — a team which Slazinski says is on the “come-up” and features a player he feels is similar.

“A couple people up there say I play a lot like DJ Wilson,” Slazinski said. “They like the ‘4’s that can play like a smooth player, that can play on the outside, and I feel like that fits my game perfectly.

“I feel like I match their gameplay, the way they use their tall guys in a couple of different ways. A lot of people growing up, they used to think I’m like a Big Ten player. My mom is always comparing me to DJ Wilson, it’s funny. I’ve seen them on TV and it looks like they’re like a really big family and they love their coach, so that’s what really stood out to me.”

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