John Beilein will coach at Michigan “next season and in the years to come”

John Beilein will be coaching Michigan, not the Detroit Pistons, next season.

After two conversations with the Pistons, the Michigan head coach announced on Twitter today that he’s “excited about coaching (Michigan) next season and in the years to come”.

Former Raptors head coach Dwane Casey is considered the favorite to land the Pistons job.

Beilein is Michigan’s winningest coach and is entering his 12th year in charge of the program. He’s made the NCAA Tournament in eight of the last ten seasons including two trips to the Final Four.

The 65-year-old head coach is currently making $3.37 million as Michigan’s head coach, but has been in talks with the Athletic Department regarding an extension.

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  1. buckets12

    I pretty much agree with this take.

  2. kturnup

    Disagree with BigTenGeek, who can be a bit of an a-hole at times. I personally don’t think Beilein would give Michigan an ultimatum. I think he just thought of it as testing the waters like his players do.

  3. umhoops

  4. tarverine

    A+ Beilein quotes article from 247. Tons of great info on the Pistons stuff, Matthews stuff, adjusting style wise as a coach, his assistants, etc.

    I particularly liked this section:

    There’s some things that we’re not changing. If you’re not going to be a good teammate, you ain’t playing at Michigan. If you’re not going to talk, or get in the stance or hit the open man, there’s certain absolutes in basketball.

    You earn that rope in practice, you don’t earn that rope in games. Show me the money in practice, and you’ll get some rope in games. And it has to happen in every practice all the time. Jordan Poole is working at trying to extend that rope. He’s working hard and he’s doing a great job at extending. It might be a bit of a bungee cord right now, it might snap back every now and then, but he and Isaiah and Jon and all these guys, they get that.

    People say the dudes never get a chance, they get a chance for two hours every day in practice. If you can’t shoot in practice with a manager in your face, you don’t get this green light in games. But show it to me every day in practice, and it’s going to be really green.

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