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Video: Zavier Simpson, Ignas Brazdeikis talk Spain prep

Zavier Simpson and Ignas Brazdeikis discussed their prep for their upcoming trip to Spain and what practice is like without John Beilein.


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  1. bluejayway

    Zavier Simpson continues to impress me. Not only his work ethic or defense on the court; his cognizance, his ability to realize what makes a team, a team. Am enjoying his growth as player, and a leader.

  2. buckets12

    Z just got me so fired up.

    Iggy saying JB told him he’s going to play a lot of minutes at the 2 and the 4 seems a lot like “we need to get this kid on the floor and Charles isn’t coming off it”. I don’t remember too many (any?) freshmen that have played both in the backcourt and the wing 3/4 spot during their first year

  3. ReegsShannon

    We haven’t had anybody play 2 and guard 4s as a freshman I think. But Poole played forward exclusively to start the season and then started playing guard as well about halfway through the season.

  4. buckets12

    Yeah I was going to say Poole was the only one in recent memory but by the end of the year he was also playing like 8 minutes a game only…my guess is Iggy has a much bigger role but time will tell

  5. DeAngeloVickers

    Caris did a little bit

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