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Video: John Beilein, Charles Matthews and Zavier Simpson at Big Ten Media Day

John Beilein, Charles Matthews and Zavier Simpson were on Big Ten Network today discussing the upcoming season at Big Ten Media Day.

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Notable Replies

  1. JJ3

    That was great stuff.

  2. eric_shap

    Liked this a lot as well. Dave Revsine at BTN is also very good…

  3. bobohle

    I echo the comments. Especially since I missed the coverage on BTN.

  4. silverblue

    I loved this! The confidence I heard from Charles was awesome! He’s always been so quiet and almost shy, very humble in interviews. There were times in the past when I couldn’t really hear what he was saying in interviews, but not today. He still has that great outward humility, but his confidence and his ability to express that confidence was great to hear. Plus these are two really good looking, classy, well spoken kids (I know wolverheel, they’re young men!) I’m so impressed with both of these young men, and I’m excited for the season to start! Good stuff!

  5. ChipJonez

    Yes to all of this! It’s one of the beauties of college sports to me, each season we get to have new “ambassadors” and new voices that are exposed to the highest levels of leadership and representation of our program. Coach B will always be a great voice, but its great to see it resonate through so many of the players through the years!

    I expect a bit of a roller coaster season, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there are times where many of us voice our frustrations with some play from these guys, but its video clips like this that put it back in perspective for me. They’re not just learning to become great bball players, they’re learning to become great men.

    Go Blue!

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