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What I know and what I want to know about Michigan basketball in 2018-19

Michigan’s first basketball game of 2018-19 is just eight days away. The Wolverines will take the floor, they’ll raise two banners and they’ll be on their way against a Norfolk State team that didn’t win a Division I game until December 30th last season.

We’ve had a unique opportunity to see more of this Michigan team by this point in the preseason than any year I can remember. We’ve watched four hours of practice (with another coming tonight) and got to see the Wolverines play live games against professional teams in Spain.

That being said, I can’t remember feeling like I’ve known less entering the year. What can you really take from three games in Spain without the head coach? How much can we say confidently when we’ve only seen a handful of players in a college basketball game?

Here’s my best attempt to define five things that I (think I) know and five things that I have no idea about and want to know in order to make sense of this team.

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