The Moving Screen: A new year, a new podcast

I’ll be teaming up with The Athletic’s Brendan Quinn for a weekly podcast throughout the 2018-19 season. We’ll be tackling Michigan, Michigan State and Big Ten basketball at large with a combination of rational analysis and hot takes.

In the first episode, we look at the Kansas-Michigan State matchup on Tuesday night, discuss our preseason thoughts on Michigan (28:00) and then share our thoughts on the rest of the Big Ten this season (50:30). Note that there are chapter markers included in the embedded player below if you want to jump between sections.

Listen to “Ep 1: A new year, a new podcast” on Spreaker.


Our podcast should be available just about everywhere that you can listen a podcast. If we are missing something important, let me know in the comments.

Notable Replies

  1. umhoops

    We are embracing a growth mindset with the podcast :slight_smile: Grow with us as we improve as podcast hosts, but hopefully you guys enjoy. I know many of you had asked about a podcast… Here’s our first stab.

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  2. kturnup

    I’m gonna assume I’m the first download

  3. BleedBlue

    Subscribed! Excited about a podcast featuring my two favorite basketball beat writers

  4. nswan

    Dang! An hour twenty-five for the first episode. Y’all are sprinting out of the gate. Can’t wait to listen

  5. silverblue

    Wow! Listening right now! Great stuff! Excited for you and Brendan, and for all of us who get to listen!

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