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Video: Roy Williams recaps loss at Michigan

Roy Williams addressed the media after his team suffered an 84-67 loss at Michigan.

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  1. BleedBlue

    Up so fast! Great coverage

  2. buckets12

    John Beilein makes hall of fame coaches say this in November

  3. gtfomycourt

    Michigan sucks the fun out of the game for the opposing coaches and players, again, and I confess I love every second of it.

  4. Kenny

    This team will give many teams fit. How many times you see a team with the PG and center concentrate mostly on defense and the one-two punch come from the 3-4 positions.

  5. kje22kje

    How did you feel about the UNC starters on the bench for so long. You think the risk was worth the point he was trying to prove?

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