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Video: John Beilein recaps win over Purdue

Here’s Michigan head coach John Beilein after a 76-57 win over Purdue.

Notable Replies

  1. DingoBlue

    Encouraging comments from Beilein about both DeJulius and Johns. I think I agree I want both of them as ready as they can be to contribute come February/March.

  2. MrLG

    Very upbeat! JB is obviously pleased with the way things are shaking out (he should be, this team rocks).

  3. downtownljb

    This team is so fun to watch! I’ve been missing the player post-game interviews - are they not doing them this season?

  4. umhoops

    Sorry we posted a couple on Facebook… Quality was lacking a bit so didn’t post on the main site.

  5. umhoops

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