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Video: Matt Painter recaps loss at Michigan

Purdue head coach Matt Painter addressed the media after Michigan’s 76-57 win.

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  1. DingoBlue

    That tag at the end “this is the most productive 10 minutes I’ve had at Michigan in a long time.”

    I do find it humorous, but they DID beat us last year ya know.

  2. MrLG

    Completely different vibe from the Roy Williams presser. Painter did not seem particularly upset or deflated. I guess the game more or less met his expectations.

  3. Champions

    Saw fans at the Kansas game today wearing shirts that said, “Don’t feel bad, everybody loses here.” We might need to get some like that for Crisler.

  4. RedsMaizeandBlue

    One loss last year, none yet this season. Not bad at all. Hopefully by the end of the season there will still be a goose egg in the home losses column!

  5. wooverine

    Lot of love for Jon Teske.

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