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Game 9: Michigan at Northwestern Open Thread

Michigan and Northwestern are set for a for a 9:00 p.m. (eastern) tip on the Big Ten Network. Join the discussion in the open thread below.

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  1. Bigrange

    Listening in from Iraq. GO BLUE!!!

  2. manny.michigan1

    Zavier Abdul-Jabbar

  3. MaizeBlue10

    F off Collins that’s an easy call

  4. umhoops

    Ya’ll know he won, right?

  5. BP3

    My takeaways:

    Ignas is the truth. I think he made a couple mistakes but he and Poole are easily our two best at getting their own when the clock runs down. Matthews doesn’t have the handles to do it consistently.

    Outside of Iggy, Poole and Teske and Brooks, I’d say the rest of the team played sub par overall. Brooks really didn’t do much until late but he stepped up BIG.

    Matthews needs to get going again. Feel like he’s going into a rut like how he started last year. Turnovers, and his already shaky shot is looking worse. I feel like he is best when he gets the ball at the mid range area or high post and makes plays with his back to the basket like Demar Derozan loves doing.

    Livers is still great on defense and is a great shooter but Northwestern took away his shooting by not helping off him a ton off ball. He still isn’t a threat off the dribble because he doesn’t want to. Not sure why because I know he had the skill in high school. His issue is he hasn’t really ever been a threat with the dribble. Take away cuts and open shots and there is nothing in between. No dribble drives of any kind. Iso or straight line. He NEEDS to get confident enough to do at least one of those once in awhile.

    Simpson was awesome in the first half but the second half was a player I didn’t recognize. Almost every time he made a mistake with a turnover or poor shot Northwestern capitalized that next trip down the floor. He was 5-5 from 2. 0-5 from 3 and got caught up in NW’s momentum rather than controlling us.

    We need Johns bad for that backup 5 spot. Like yesterday bad. Davis can’t not foul people and the team in general just isn’t as confident with him out there. The flow just seems off too. If not at the 5, we need him ready to play the 4 and Livers at the 5 to add size and help rebounding.

    Overall, super happy still to win that. They played bad overall and still won in a hostile (great) environment. Hopefully the guys take away quite a bit from the game!

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