The Moving Screen: Talking Michigan’s undefeated start, John Beilein’s past, and what’s ahead for Michigan State

I’m teaming up with The Athletic’s Brendan Quinn for a weekly podcast throughout the 2018-19 season. We’ll be tackling Michigan, Michigan State and Big Ten basketball at large with a combination of rational analysis and hot takes.

In this episode we talk about Michigan’s ball screen offense, John Beilein as The Athletic Detroit’s Person of the Year, Michigan State’s win at Florida and the Big Ten at large.

Listen to “Ep. 6: Talking Michigan’s undefeated start, John Beilein’s past, and what’s ahead for Michigan State” on Spreaker.

00:01 – Recapping Michigan wins over Northwestern & South Carolina
17:00 – Looking back at how John Beilein got to this point
26:00 – Michigan State loses Vernon Carey but beats Florida
46:00 – Big Ten Power Rankings


Our podcast should be available just about everywhere that you can listen a podcast. If we are missing something important, let me know in the comments.

Notable Replies

  1. eric_shap

    Purdue 11th in the conference! Sheesh! I don’t know how they are still 15th in KenPom, but 11th in the Big Ten!

  2. umhoops

    I don’t understand their KenPom ranking. Some combination of preseason, close games and brutal SOS.

  3. UMHoopsFan

    Well, PU lost by 4 @Tex (KP 37), @Michigan (KP 2), by 1 @ FSU (14), and by 6 on a neutral court to VTech (12). Those are all “good losses,” and are a couple breaks away from being in really good shape right now. They are 306 in KP luck.

  4. umhoops

    Yeah, I said I don’t understand it … I do get that they played close games and lost to good teams … I’m just not convinced they are good.

  5. UMHoopsFan

    They haven’t done much to convince me either way, but I will be pretty surprised if they finish 11th or even 10th in the conference. If they do, it’s a deep Big Ten indeed.

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