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Subscriber Ask Me Anything: December 2018

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Notable Replies

  1. tarverine

    Is MSU a better team than they were last year despite losing Bridges and Jackson?

  2. adamsmit86

    Obviously, the team hasn’t looked great the last couple games. What do you think is the most important “kink” to get worked out before big ten play resumes?

  3. UMHoopsFan

    Michigan’s early 2pt defense was unsustainable, but how big a concern were the last 3 games in that regard?

    Matthews has made 9 of his last 18 3s (now 33% on the year) and other than an 0-5 start 36 of 54 FTs (67%), and still significant improvement over last year – can Michigan feel comfortable thinking of him as a not great but decent shooter?

  4. Champions

    Is asking Livers to play multiple positions having a negative impact on his level of play?

  5. JJ3

    Where do rank Teske among BIG bigs? Top 5?

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