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Video: Pat Chambers recaps loss at Michigan

Here’s what Penn State Pat Chambers had to say after Penn State’s loss at Michigan.

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  1. eddieben

    What was Coach talking about at the end there regarding Myles Dread?

  2. DingoBlue

    Allegedly some heated exchange between them involving a “shove”. Others on twitter also commented on it and said they didn’t see it, so not sure in actuality.

  3. Wpb

    PSU should have started fouling at the 2:15 mark to prolong the game. They could have brought in bench players to foul Teske, Simpson, CM1, and attempted to substitute defense for offense. But Chambers is not of that pedigree never having gotten his team to the Big Dance in 8 years. Possibly the only Power 5 coach to have his job so long and not get to the tourney.

  4. silverblue

    The Dread kid missed an assignment, made a mistake essentially, that led to a Michigan basket. Chambers kind of gave him a finger in the chest or a one hand push in the chest, and some words. It was nothing. It was just a coach in the heat of the moment making a point with a player.

    There may have been some people who thought it was too much, but, in my humble opinion, it wasn’t. I wouldn’t have handled it that way myself but it was really nothing. Izzo, Underwood, Martin have done far worse.

    Sadly, we live in a world where people who don’t have a clue criticize things they know nothing about. Chambers is a heck of a good guy whose team plays really hard. He was making a point, as he said, “challenging the kid.”

    By the way, from what I could see Dread didn’t say anything back to Chambers. He just took the reprimand like a man and went out and continued to play.

  5. DingoBlue

    Oh, don’t get me wrong, I pass no judgment on Chambers. It sounds like, as you say, he was being a coach and trying to make a point. I just was trying to answer the question without having witnessed it myself personally. Thanks for the clarification!

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