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Game 15: Indiana at Michigan Open Thread

Michigan and Indiana will tip 4:30 p.m. at the Crisler Center on CBS. Join the discussion in the attached open thread.

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  1. chezaroo

    44 points in the half with no Livers and Iggy with 2. Love this TEAM.

  2. buckets12

    In 7 halves played against ranked opponents this season, Michigan has tied or won every one and had at least one half where they outscored the opponent by double digits. Amazing.

    1H Villanova: Michigan +27
    2H Villanova: Tied
    1H UNC: Michigan +4
    2H UNC: Michigan +13
    1H Purdue: Michigan +16
    2H Purdue: Michigan +3
    1H Indiana: Michigan +15

  3. bobohle

    Told you BJ having an Aubrey Dawkins coming out!

  4. chezaroo

    Ode to Brandon Johns…

  5. gtfomycourt

    Despite the fact that Davis knows his playing time just probably shrank from here on out it was so great to see Davis offering his sincere support to Johns on the sideline. Davis seemed genuinely as happy as anybody for Johns.

    JB recruits such great kids.

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