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Game 20: Michigan at Indiana Open Thread

Michigan and Indiana are locked in for an early 6:30 p.m. tip in Bloomington today (FS1). Join the discussion in the attached thread.

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  1. CoryR

    “Have you tried unplugging it and then plugging it back in?!”

  2. tarverine

    I guess traveling won’t be an issue anymore?

  3. MaizeBlue10

    This is why you have to love Charles, struggles (until this half) be damned. Had that rebound but let it go to let Zavier grab it to facilitate the break. Could EASILY grab that given the score. Still making unselfish right plays.

  4. Champions

    Nunez with his first points and it is from 30 feet.

  5. tarverine

    Man like 90% of DeJulius’ shots have been waaaayyyyyyy off. Calls for him usurping Brooks seem unrealistic. Sample size of like 7-8 though lol.

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