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Video: John Beilein, Ignas Brazdeikis and Zavier Simpson recap win at Indiana

Here’s Michigan’s post game press conference after an emphatic win at Assembly Hall.

Photo via Jamie Owens/Inside the Hall.

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  1. JJ3

    Looked like your podcast partner arrived late to the press conference and got the look from his arch enemy Xavier Simpson :slight_smile:

  2. eric_shap

    Anyone who hasn’t needs to watch the Iggy and Zavier presser. Some really funny moments and I love how candid Iggy always is. Also, watch Tom Wywrot’s reactions to some of Iggy’s comments in the top right, lol.

  3. bounce

    I’ll be surprised if X isn’t coaching basketball at some point down the line. Coach X.

  4. silverblue

    This will be long. CAUTION don’t read of you’re not interested.

    Loved this entire press conference starting with Coach B and definitely continuing with Iggy and X.

    Coach B has to be one of the favorite interviews for the writers. He seems to have such a great relationship with the press, kidding with them, etc. He doesn’t ever seem to get overly surly or to make writers feel less or though he is putting them down. I know this was a pretty relaxed opportunity for a press conference after at 23 point victory AT Indiana, but Coach B was definitely holding court here. He loved it and it sounded like the press corps had fun, too.

    The presser with Iggy and X was just outstanding. I loved how the players exuded confidence. When Iggy responded to a question by saying, “I’m always ready” or something to that effect, and X looked over, smiled a knowing smile, shook his head affirmatively and said. “Always ready. ALWAYS.” That was fun. I laughed several times during this presser. When Iggy talked about how hard they work in practice and tipped his hat to X for leading that, just outstanding. The players are SO connected. They are truly a TEAM. Great kids, great coach!

    Now, understand that while watching the game I was completely stressed until we were ahead by about 20 and there were 5 1/2 minutes to go. I know, I know, that’s hard to understand! BUT, I finally relaxed. I even caught myself questioning whether Coach B might sub a couple of players in with that 5 or 5 1/2 to go.

    I try so hard to be a glass half full kind of guy and I’ve ALWAYS been incredibly positive with my players, but inwardly I was oftentimes a basket case. I didn’t let the kids see it, but I felt it inside. I always worried that something could go wrong and change everything.

    When my son was a national caliber junior golfer and one of the very best players in Michigan from his sophomore through senior years, and really good as a freshman, too, I was always worried about something going wrong. He’d usually be contending for or leading a tournament, and rather than enjoy it, I’d be worried about what could go wrong. That close out of bounds coming up, the water hazard on the next hole, the severely sloping green, a three putt that might put him on a “bogey train.” That almost never happened but it was always in my head and in my gut.

    As a basketball coach, I was the same way. I never felt comfortable no matter how big the lead. Now, I didn’t often (perhaps ever) have a 20 point lead with 5 1/2 minutes to play, but if I did, I can assure you I STILL wouldn’t have been comfortable. I seriously would have been afraid to make a change that could cause momentum to change, that could cause everything to change. I would have remembered that time, early in my career, when I subbed too early and we LOST! I would have forced myself to sub, but I was coaching at a lower, in some cases MUCH lower level, than Coach B, so I really HAD to get my other players in, and I would have. BUT, I completely understand Coach B’s not subbing earlier last night.

    I guarantee you that Coach B wasn’t comfortable up 20 (was it 18? I don’t know) with 5 1/2 to go. He was, perhaps, afraid to make a change that could change momentum that might, somehow, change everything. He might have felt, somewhere in his gut, or thought, somewhere in the recesses of that brilliant mind, of that time, early in his career, where he subbed too early and lost.

    In the presser, Coach B WAS comfortable, he was relaxed, he was having a great time. He was kidding and joking, and he was in charge. I think everyone else in the room was having a great time, too.

    Sorry for the length of this. I only included the last part because there seemed to be a question in another thread about why Coach B didn’t sub earlier. I know it wasn’t critical, but it was a question. As one who has experienced it, I just wanted to give that perspective. I absolutely love Coach B! Our players, too! If you read this, thanks for indulging this old coach! Go Blue!!!

  5. silverblue

    Coaching is certainly in his blood! He’s a special kid, a special player, and I think he’d be a special coach!

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