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Game 22: Michigan at Iowa Open Thread

Michigan and Iowa are set for a Friday night tip in Iowa City (7:00 p.m., FS1). Join the discussion in the attached open thread.

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  1. bacon141

    Catch and shoot three is a better shot than a pull up mid range shot. Very frustrating that he can’t pull the trigger

  2. adamsmit86

    Nay. Not a fan of planning my Friday nights around watching TV haha

  3. buckets12

    2 losses, 2 opposing court storms. We’ve made it.

  4. MaizeBlue10


    Beilein teams don’t play with a freedom to out talent teams. They don’t run and play the more possessions game. If you aren’t hitting shots, you can clank against any defense (cough cough December games). 59 against Iowa is because they didn’t hit shots and foul trouble got them wayyy out of flow.

    Add to the fact they rarely play well in Iowa. Tonight is no big deal at all in the grand scheme of things. And no, I don’t think they’re losing sleep about the Big Ten conference standings.

  5. GoBlueScrewOSU7

    I’ve noticed this with our offense. Matthews and Iggy are our biggest contributors offensively, using 24.3 and 24.6% of possessions respectively. Their respective assist rates are 7.7 and 7.4. I glanced at every other B1G team and at least 1 of the 2 biggest possession shareholders have assist rates of at least 14. With the large majority have both of those top 2 guys with assist rates >14.

    I think this confirms what I’ve been noticing offensively with this team. The ball sticks in Iggy and Matthews’ hands. Whenever they start a drive it basically ends in either a turnover or a shot. Neither Matthews or Iggy can create plays for their teammates but they’re also required to take such a big role in the offense.

    Combine that with the fact that Simpson is relatively offensively challenged (no shot and not necessarily big enough to consistently drive), but is a great distributor with a 33.4 assist rate.

    Then Poole who I think is our biggest playmaker, but he is out of control at times has been turnover prone when trying to use more possessions.

    It just all adds up to a pretty dysfunctional offense imo. Especially when we’re a pretty poor 3pt shooting team overall.

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