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Video: John Beilein, Zavier Simpson talk loss at Iowa

Here’s John Beilein and Zavier Simpson after Michigan lost its second game of the season.

Notable Replies

  1. silverblue

    No one else has commented on this, so I will. Zavier Simpson is a remarkable young man. Here he faces the press. He answers their question with patience and aplomb, even some questions where the answer is obvious. He carries himself so well. He’s mature beyond his years. What a great leader for this team. I’m proud that he is a Michigan Wolverine.

    And John Beilein. He faces the press with patience and class and dignity, always. He makes no excuses. He gives credit where credit is due and takes responsibility for the things that he and the team are responsible for. He does all this without demeaning his team or his players in any way. He remains positive. We are fortunate to have him as our coach.

  2. ChathaM

    X’s answer to the question about 2 fouls taking away a player’s aggressiveness was perfect. He has come a long way from the kid who looked like he had no clue what was happening during the Andrew Dakich scholarship bit when X was a freshman. That’s one of my favourite X moments, as is last night’s brief presser.

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