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The most important things John Beilein said ahead of Michigan at Penn State

Monday afternoon, John Beilein met with reporters ahead of Michigan’s game Tuesday night at Penn State.

Here are the most important things that he had to say (and why they matter).

Matthews trying to find consistency 

“If you watch those clips (against Wisconsin), there’s a lot of confidence involved and him just believing in himself in those situations. I think sometimes, he’s trying not to miss. If anybody remembers a few games that we had this year, that he was four or five feet from the basket, couldn’t throw it in. He can do that (now). Just take your time, find the seams, shoot on the way up, don’t shoot on the way down. Don’t try and draw a foul, just explode to the rim.

“I was thinking this morning about it. He had so many walks and charges last year. The way to stop that is to slow down, and he probably slowed down too much by trying to go up and hang in the air and avoid a charge. That’s gotten in his way a little bit.”

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