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Game 27: Michigan at Minnesota Open Thread

Michigan and Minnesota are set for a 7:00 p.m. tip at Williams Arena tonight. Read the game preview and join the discussion in the open thread.

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  1. Tom48160

    Gophers’ Playbook:

    • Shoot a brick, get after the rebound
    • Jump hard toward the rim, hope to get the whistle
    • This page intentionally left blank

  2. chezaroo

    Charles has deftly taken the “Good Irvin - Bad Irvin” mantle and ran with it during his career.

  3. umhoops

    Jon Teske has 5 blocks. Minnesota has made 10 shots.

  4. Wpb

    Like it or hate it, we gotta give Teske props for being resilient w the 3 point shooting. It would be very easy to get discouraged after a few misses. By next year he may be deft at the 3.

  5. Bmbeach

    I am sorry guys, but I have to comment on this. We’ve lost three games on the road, one to a top 25 team. This guy says if we go 4-1 in our last five we can probably maintain our two seed? That would be three more victories, two against a top 10 team, and one against a top 20 team. That sounds disrespectful to me.

    EDIT: Spell check and redundancy removed.

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