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Podcast: At long last: The Michigan vs. Michigan State preview

The Moving Screen is a podcast collaboration with The Athletic’s Brendan Quinn. We’ll be tackling Michigan, Michigan State and Big Ten basketball at large with a blend of rational analysis and hot takes.

Nothing else matters. Today’s pod is all about Michigan at Michigan State. We dive into the point guards, depth, X-factors, transition offense vs. defense, gameplans and anything else that we can think of.

Listen to “Ep 19: At long last: The Michigan vs. Michigan State preview” on Spreaker.


The podcast is available just about everywhere that you can listen to podcasts. If we are missing something important, let me know in the comments.

Notable Replies

  1. JJ3

    Looks like I’ll take an hour walk and listen to the experts dissect the matchup

  2. silverblue

    There’s a podcast featuring Coach B and Coach Izzo?!? :wink: Sorry I couldn’t resist! :smiley:

  3. adamsmit86

    That’s crazy… both programs have some good history, but until Beilein-Izzo they’ve never been really good at the same time

  4. bacon141

    If you look at MSU’s history, there’s not a lot there before Heathcoate. Only two tourney appearances and two conference titles. Heathcoate had great teams in his first couple years, which coincided with Orr’s downturn. Then a bunch of mediocrity after Frieder was hired, then MSU started becoming good again in the 90s. I would bet a majority of the rest of those other ranked matchups game during Fisher’s tenure.

  5. bobohle

    Very good guys!

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